Should I Start a Special Needs Assisting (SNA) Module?


There is no better time to start your training in Special Needs Assisting. In the most recent education budget, it was announced that there will be 990 new SNA jobs created in 2021. This will take the number of SNAs in Irish schools to 18,000, the highest figure ever recorded.

In the budget, Minister Michael McGrath Minister Michael McGrath outlined that the total allocation to the Department of Education would amount to almost €9 billion. Of this €9 billion, €2 billion will be allocated to special needs education. This report was originally posted by RTE and you can read more about the budget here.

SNA Special Needs Assisting level 5 and level 6 award programme

Do I Need a Level 5 qualification in order to do a Level 6?


One question that we get a lot at Aspire Training is in relation to entry requirements. Some people come from different disciplines with degrees as high as QQI level 8 and level 9, while others have level 3 and 4 awards such as  Junior or Leaving Certificates. 

Unfortunately the answer is not as straightforward as a simple yes or no. The answer depends on a variety of things such as which training provider you are with, what your qualifications are in and/or what previous relevant experience you have obtained. 

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