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Should I Start a Special Needs Assisting Module?

There is no better time to start training in Special Needs Assisting. In the most recent education budget, it was announced that there will be 990 new SNA jobs created in 2021. This will take the number of SNAs in Irish schools to 18,000, the highest figure ever recorded.

In the budget, Minister Michael McGrath Minister Michael McGrath said the total allocation to the Department of Education would amount to almost €9 billion. Of this €9 billion, €2 billion will be allocated to special needs education. This report was originally posted by RTE and you can read more about the budget here.

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What We Do at Aspire Training

As a result of this news, it is quite clear that SNAs will be in high demand. Here at Aspire Training, we strive to meet this demand by providing the tools necessary for you to complete your special needs training. All our tutors are fully trained in the areas of Special Needs Assisting, as well as having worked in the area as well. You can see our tutors here, as well as more information on the SNA course too.

Do I Need a Level 5 and 6 to gain employment?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not actually true that you require a level 6, or even level 5 qualification in order to gain employment in the area of Special Needs Assisting. All you technically need is a level 3 (Junior Certificate, or equivalent) (true at time of writing, more info here: Dep. Education & Skills). You might be asking yourself, why do I need a level 5 or level 6? The answer is because the current qualifications needed are only an absolute minimum requirement and that qualification alone will certainly not guarantee you employment in Special Needs Assisting. Moreover, it is incredibly likely that this minimum level will be raised very soon, possibly as early as 2022. Additionally, it is very advantageous to have a QQI level 5 or level 6 qualification to your name.

Imagine this. You see an opening at your local school for the role of a Special Needs Assistant. However, your neighbour is also eyeing up the job. You may be equal in terms of personality and experience, but all you have is a level 3 qualification while your neighbour has completed both QQI level 5 and 6 Special Needs Assisting modules. Who do you think the Board of Management will most likely hire? Don’t forget, they have to think about the future raising of the requirements too! Therefore, it is somewhat possible to gain employment if you just have a level 3, but it is definitely advised to stay ahead of your competition and make yourself stand out for that role!

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Who should register?

The great thing about Special Needs Assisting courses is that they are suitable for almost everyone. If you are someone who is looking to enhance upon your skills, change your career or just try something new, then upskilling in the area of special needs assisting might be perfect for you! Completing your level 5 and level 6 can kickstart a new career pathway or help you earn that job you are looking for.

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Read more about our SNA Level 5 and 6 modules below or contact us for more information